Business Analyst

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June 26, 2019


Your role will be to work within project teams (including Project managers, developpment and business teams) to transform business needs into solutions, whether these solutions result in product configurations and product developments.You will be able to work on projects related to deployments, integrations and evolutions of numerous IT solutions fully custom made.


Experience in the position of analyst from 1 year (preferably the banking sector)

Understanding the software development process

Understanding the workflow of designer, programmer, tester

Be able to break complex processes into chains of simple sequences

Be able to ask the right questions

Formulate tasks briefly and to the point

Knowledge of English - Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate

Competent written and oral speech


Clarify the business needs of the customer and end users of the product

Describe the functional and non-functional requirements for the product

Create users` journeys

Make mind maps, data models

Interact with all participants in the process: customers, designers, developers, testers and managers


Corporate English lessons

Paid vacation and sick leave

Free shuttle bus service available

Regular Rate Ups & Assessment Grades

Friendly and professional team

Payment of specialized courses and conferences