The ALTEL app contains a unique feature on the Kazakhstan market: a tariff constructor. It allows users to customize their tariff and use the services that perfectly match their needs.

The ALTEL app contains a unique feature on the Kazakhstan market: a tariff constructor. It allows users to customize their tariff and use the services that perfectly match their needs.


We have kicked off the project with Design Thinking. We made research, created a unique value proposition, vision, and product strategy. As a result, Altel has become the first mobile network operator in Kazakhstan who allows users to create their own tariff plan, add and pay for services that they really use. Moreover, based on offline and online activities, Altel is getting to know users better day by day. Based on this data, Altel produces personal recommendation strategy.


The Nullgravity team had to develop the first product of this type for the Kazakhstan market. At the start of the project, there was no clear vision of the final product, as there were no analogues or at least minimally similar products on the telecom market of Kazakhstan. However, the client already had a self-service application, but it was not scalable and had multiple issues. So, we have kicked off the project with the Design Thinking methodology that helped us to define the shape of the product and future strategy.

Modular solution

During the architecture design, we decided to stick to the component approach. First, we developed a UIKit, which became the basis for the main components of the screens. Each app screen has a flexible structure which allows to make changes to the functionality easily, expand or organize it. The effectiveness of each solution was A/B tested. The structure of the screens of the tariff constructor, services, my tariff, and the main screen allows displaying the data in the same sequence in which they are given by the server. This feature helps to display content changes without updating the application.‍

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Header enrichment

One of the features of the application is the header enrichment. When a user launches the application via a 4G network with a SIM card, the application automatically determines its number and authorizes it. The verification is conducted at the level of the SIM card. The implementation of this function is unique, making Altel’s solution more secure, which was impossible earlier.

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Less talk. More action

On the one hand, the client had no clear vision of the product. On the other hand, the market landscape and user behavior patterns were new to us. We have started with an interview with all stakeholders, conducted researches and customer interviews. At the next stage, instead of long negotiations on the tech task and numerous meetings, we formed the first MVP product, providing clients with a visual solution to their problem.

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Engineering and Design

Since this was the first product of this type on the market of Kazakhstan, its design required detailed elaboration. We adhere to the human-centered design approach and focused on solving user problems. We developed a new interface for the Altel application based on the iOS human interface guidelines and Material design guidelines using the most successful and common patterns of user behavior. To create an attractive and functional design for users from Kazakhstan, we studied the cultural characteristics of the country and the target audience in detail. We changed the usual approaches to design taking into account the features of the market and those design solutions which users are used to.

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The key functionality of the application allows users to create and connect their unique tariff. Clients can also use the web version of the product with the same functionality. The project was implemented in extremely short terms. But even so, all requirements of all stakeholders and parties were taken into account: digital, IT with their limitations, product lines with plans for the development and profitability of products, as well as the marketing department

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"Nullgravity team has done a lot of work in a short time while working on Altel app. The guys were motivated and proactive. I could rely on them as my partners. I believe that we are creating one of the best self-service applications among telecom operators. Innovative products are created only by teams like Nullgravity.”

Temirlan Akhimov
Altel, Head of Digital
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