Game App For Offline Activity

An app with gamification that helps users to get know each other at the offline event and share impressions in social networks


We were working on the development of an ecosystem of two applications: B2B and B2C. B2B application is intended for sellers, and B2C is for buyers. Applications should provide convenient and secure use of mobile transactions both for companies and for individuals. Moreover, the payments had to be implemented using QR codes within the mVisa technology.



Usually, the companies dealing with payment systems have lots of vendors, and this project is not an exception: mobile applications must meet the needs of different companies, because the client works with both the largest European retailers and small horeca companies. Lots of stakeholders, different goals, very little time. We had to fulfill the needs of end users that don’t want to pay with cash (that’s one!). Small horeca-companies, that can’t afford payment terminals, and therefore a mobile solution would fit perfectly — that’s two!

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In the shortest possible time — 5 months — we developed mobile applications for B2B and B2C segments. By implementing prototypes and quickly responding to changes in requests, we saved a significant share of resources and time, and non-standard architectural solutions provided the flexibility of the developed applications. Module structures are universal, thus our solutions can be used as single applications, connected to any Visa partner applications or linked to various types of applications.